Reception Party Time

How to setup the lights to get an even light through the reception photographs.

Capturing the fun and friendships of a wedding reception.   It’s the best part of the wedding day.

And this is not a time to b shy as a photographer and take the photo-journalistic style approach by hiding behind a lens in a dark corner snapping away.

The reception is where you should be in on the dance floor, getting down and dirty with the crowd.

What gear?  the 50mm or 35mm has got to be the 2 choices.  They are fast enough to get the action and short enough so as to not get them smashed in the scrum of the dance floor.

I’ll use a  synch cord to take the flash off the camera-  so I hold the flash in one hand, and the camera in the other.  It creates all sort of great effects.

Then I’ll pop the flash back on the camera and capture the madness with even light coverage.  The above picture has a strobe in the corner that is triggered with our PWs.

Don’t be shy at the Reception-

people want to be photographed and they will mug it up for you if you interact and get goofy.  You will get amazingly fun shots of the night.

Word to the Wise-  never post any picture of anyone who looks out of control or drunk or too sassy.  What goes on at the Reception-  Stays at the reception.

These folks have to go to work on Monday and they do not want their drunk faces splashed all over FB.  Protect your clients and their guests.


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