Photographing the Wedding Party

Photographing the wedding party is one of the key pictures of the day.

One of the must have pictures from the wedding is obviously the wedding party. I like to make sure I give the couple lots of variations of the wedding party scene. We will do lots of fun ones , small group ones, and lots of interactions to show the friendships between the couple in the wedding party people.   After all members of the wedding party are close personal friends of the couple. So it goes without saying that they probably want lots of pictures with them.

One of the most have pictures is an official wedding party portrait. This picture needs to be balanced and everybody needs to be post in the symmetrical pattern.if you don’t get it right the picture looks off.

If you don’t get it right, the picture looks off.
The picture that’s off in this case would be if a couple of the bridesmaids had their flowers in a different location instead of all on there right hip bone.  Or for example if some of the groomsmen didn’t  have their hands in their pockets and some had their Arms folded.

it’s really important to have symmetry.

Everyone turning a certain way, all the men pose in a certain, way all the women holding flowers in a certain way. This is what makes the shot work.

There will be many other pictures that will be more candid and playful and spontaneous. This is not one of those shots. It’s about photographing the moment correctly.

in most cases the couple will print this picture or share this picture with their friends in the wedding party more than any other shot.

By the time this picture happens some wedding parties may be a little tipsy or fed up and ready to get to the reception. It’s really important to take control of the situation,to pose everyone specifically and to get the shots quickly. Three or four frames to make sure all eyes are open, three or four frames to make sure everyone is looking at you.

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