Get AI headshots if… 

Get an AI headshot if you plan on using it on your Instagram, social media, dating sites and essentially anything that is not professional.  

An AI headshot is a computer-generated image of you. It lacks authenticity and could damage your brand or credibility. Also, it will have no emotional appeal because it will be machine created. 

An AI created headshot has no human control over the result and is incapable of making complex choices when it comes to editing a human face. 

Headshot retouching

And if you don’t like your AI generated headshot- tough. Your image will be enhanced by a computer, and you have no say in the process.  

How we use AI for complex facial editing.

My studio already incorporates AI in our editing, and we do it by speaking to our clients to find out exactly what changes they want done. We harness AI editing technology in Photoshop with our skills as photographers to enhance the headshot.  

A professional photographer has the experience to manage these 3 essential areas of a portrait: 

1- Lighting 

2- Posing and facial expression coaching 

3- Editing 


Lighting should be soft and wrap around the face. The lighting can be modified to meet a client’s brand look. We speak to our clients and explain the lighting options that will best meet your look.  


An experienced photographer will guide you through poses and facial expressions that will make you look confident. We bring your personality through by engaging with you using different methods. We also understand the brand you want to create through your expressions, and we coach you through the process. 


An airplane still needs a pilot to land it. Editing needs a human touch. Similarly, it needs an experienced hand to understand how make changes to the face, so the client remains the same person in the photograph. We do this by showing our clients what we can do and by listening to them.

Pre-Edited Headshot Post Edited Headshot with client suggestions.

Also, with our studio, you can ask for changes after you receive the final image. For example, routinely my clients to reach out to me after they have received their images for additional editing. They may want the background lightened or replaced with a different one. They may ask if a scar on the forehead can be softened and not removed. Or they can ask if their double chin can be made less noticeable.  

Contact us to see how we can help you with your professional headshot.  

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