Spring Love Engagement

Springtime is such a wonderful time for engagements that are full of love and romance.

Springtime Love

How do photograph the love between a couple in 1 hour?

Part of my inspiration comes from looking at the photographs of other amazing photographers- photographers who are not well known but are truly masters in the creative realm of photography.  What I am looking for are the pictures that are so natural looking it is as if the photographer wasn’t even there!

There are tons of examples where you can tell the coupe were laboring through the process- no connection at all.  This is not because they have no connection between each other- it’s because they have no connection with the photographer.

I am not sure how, as a photographer, you learn to make couples at ease.  What is the system to have them relax and enjoy their time together while being photographed?

Bottom line – it’s an art, a skill, a genuine sense of empathy.

Rule Number 1- look like you know what you are doing.  Don’t look like a dickhead with the camera and gear.  That is the surest way for them to not trust you.

Rule Number 2- have fun.  Truly enjoy the time you are spending with them.

Rule Number 3- make them laugh.  A sense of humor is the cornerstone of building relationships.




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