Heather and Adam Engagement

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This is one of my favorites from the session. They are totally into each other, and their body language and eye contact say it all.

Adam is a tall, big guy with arms and biceps the size of a truck while Heather is so petite.  In the shots of them together he would sometimes envelop her with his huge chest and arms, so she was getting lost around him.  I really wanted to have a look that brought attention to her in a way that made her stand on her own.   I switched to poses that gave her prominence while still playing off Adams strength.

In this series I had Adam face her with his feet out. This helped to lower his height a little bit but also made him feel a lot more comfortable.  He was able to lean back and put his hands on Heather and the rail behind him.  With Heather in front – standing on her tippy toes- she has a stronger presence leaning into Adam.  By leaning in she created a lovely S curve which ended by her chin.

Adam has a pose and expression that screams strength and stability while Heather looks perfect with her hand on his chest with eyes and chin leading to Adam.

Black and White was the only way to go with this for the drama and emotion.

Here are some engagement photo tips. 


Engagement photo

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