Smile with Confidence for Your Professional Headshot

Your headshot is a powerful first impression. It represents your personal brand. A genuine, confident smile makes a huge difference. At Shari Photography, we’re experts at coaching you to look your best. Here are 3 tips for smiling naturally: Headshot Tips to Smile


  1. Practice Different Smiles in the Mirror
  2. Not all smiles are created equal. Experiment with various smile “sizes” beforehand. A Duchenne smile, involving the eyes, appears most authentic. Avoid an overly forced or tight-lipped smile. Find the sweet spot that looks warm yet relaxed.
  3. Think of Something That Genuinely Makes You Happy
    Don’t just “say cheese” – that rarely works. Instead, recall a happy memory or inside joke. Let the positive emotions show through. The photographer may even tell funny stories to inspire real laughter. Candid moments often photograph best.
  4. Relax Your Face and Body
    Tension shows in photos. Do some light stretches beforehand. Loosen your jaw and shoulders. Take deep breaths to stay present. An at-ease expression translates to confidence. Trust the photographer’s guidance to look natural.

The team at Shari Photography excels at putting clients at ease. We’ll coach your most photogenic smile through expert posing and interaction. You’ll receive gentle reminders to relax specific areas as needed. With some preparation and our professional direction, you’ll walk away with headshots showcasing your very best smile. After all, a Harvard study found that individuals perceived as smarter and more courteous simply by smiling. Let your confident grin make an outstanding first impression. Headshot Tips to Smile

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