First Look Styles- The way to do it right

First Look Styles

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It takes a lot of planning to pull of a first look-  it can never just be allowed to unfold.

The goal to make it look totally natural on film, but the reality is that every aspect needs to be controlled and planned.

  •  The planning starts with the most crucial element-  make sure they don’t see each other!  If you have a 2nd shooter then this is much easier.
  • Plan on where it will take place.  Ideally you have a location with good light.  I remember one of the first ones I did was in a dark room because I just didn’t have anywhere else!  it was a tough one and the pictures were just Ok.
  • Plan who will approach who.  It makes no difference who walks up, but you need to know this.
  • Plan on talking quietly and gently to bride and groom before it happens to explain what will happen-  they will be freaking out and you need to calm them down.
  • Plan on dialing in cameras before it happens-  take the few moments before you let the event happen to have correct exposure.
  • Plan on making sure 2nd shooter knows his/her  role-  what is their responsibility.

In other words Plan the hell out of it and make it the most memorable part of the  day.


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