Why Fall Photographs Look Amazing

Why Fall Photographs Look Amazing

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Photographs in the Fall look amazing.  Why?

There are a couple events occurring that make photographs at this time so breathtaking.

a)  Colors-  the array of colors with a fall treeline in the background can be incredible.  There are so many different shades of colors that are very appealing.

b)  Warmth-  the range of colors are usually the warm tones that are appealing to the human eye- reds, yellows, oranges, and other warm tones.  These colors are always going to be more appealing than a series of cold colors.

c)  Quality of light-  The light is much softer –  it has to do with the location of the sun on the horizon line.  The light is more diffused and so much softer.  And all great pictures begin with the quality of light.

So when you take a picture, you are getting hit with an array of warm colors in a  soft light.  It really is unbelievable.

What’s the best way to photograph in this season?  Depends on the subject.

For landscapes, close your aperture down-  that means f  9 or higher.  The bigger the F number the less light will hit your sensor and  the sharper your image will be.  But more importantly, more of your image will be in focus.  Ansel Adams would photograph at f22 or higher.  A wide lens is most helpful.

For portraits I photograph at f2.8- 1.8.  The smaller the F number then more light enters the camera-  but what it will do is blur the background.  This is especially appealing with portraits when you want the people to be in focus but have  the big tree or big bush with the lovely leaves to be blurred.  You’ll see the red/orange/yellow haze behind the people.

Fall is one of my favorite times to photograph because you can’t go wrong.


Why Fall Photographs Look Amazing






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