Look Away Photos

Look Away Photographs create suspense.  They create drama, tension, and an element of the unknown.

look away
Shari Photographer

I love the stories that are created by having the subject look away for an instant.  

Look Away Photos

Look aways in a photo draw the viewer’s gaze elsewhere, disrupting the focal point. They inject a sense of mystery and intrigue, inviting interpretation. By avoiding direct eye contact, subjects convey a range of emotions subtly. Averted gazes can suggest shyness, contemplation, or even defiance. They create a dynamic tension within the frame, sparking curiosity about what lies beyond the captured moment.

Look aways add depth to storytelling, leaving room for imagination to fill in the gaps. The absence of eye contact can evoke a feeling of intimacy, as if the viewer is glimpsing a private moment. Conversely, it can also create distance, hinting at a disconnect between the subject and their surroundings. Overall, look aways wield significant power in photography, shaping the narrative and evoking emotional responses from the audience.

One of my favorite images. Taken on a hot summer day and we had just returned from a day at the pool. Exhausted she wanted to get inside.

Look Away Photos

Finally, as we were walking to the front door, in her own world which is why wanted to create the image before the moment was lost.

Also, I had about 2 seconds before she was going to raise her head to open the door- knowing your camera crucial for these moments.  Fumble around and the moment is gone.

Knowing it was bright meant the shutter speed going to be fine.  All I needed was to set the aperture to 2.0 for the soft background and check exposure from there.

Only one image created from the moment before she walked through the door- but it was enough.

Also, I love it because I can see her changing each day as she moves into her early teen days and struggles with all the teen issues.  She i more contemplative these days.  A young philosopher.

50mm 1.2 L

f 2  1/2500 ISO 50

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