Engagement Technique for a Little Variation

Taking Unique and Exciting Engagement Photographs

I don’t think we focus enough on feet.

Especially at engagement shoots.

I don’t really have a foot fetish… but as photographers we are so focused on what happens above the waist that we forget there is a whole world below that we can focus on.  And that area can be just as sexy and personal as say the eyes.

One technique I use is the have couples sit on a bench- make sure they put their butts near the edge of the seat-  and have their shoes/ feet tell a story of how they met.

It is hilarious.

They have such a good time  making their feet take on a role and trying to get them to act.  I’ll take those pictures tight on their feet.

But then I’ll pull back for some fun shots of the couple, arms draped around each other, feet tangled up, and heads staring down.  At the right moment, I’ll have them look up for a totally relaxed, carefree, happy, candid  engagement shot.

Similar to this is the photograph the feet from above with either the focus being the feet or including their whole bodies with a wide lens.  There are lots of variations on this pose.

But my favorite is still the feet.

However, it’s important they have cool shoes on!  So always take control of the wardrobe-  most couples are not too sure on what to wear to the engagement.

That’s where you have to step in with suggestions.  Be clear on what outfits will look great, what to avoid, and what shoes to wear.


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