Slow Shutter Pictures of the Wedding

Slow Shutter Pictures of the Wedding

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I really like doing slow shutter shots.  Clients love them and it creates cool effects.

The key is in 3 areas Slow Shutter Pictures 

1- slow shutter 1/25.  Brace yourself, practice good slow shutter breathing and camera stabilization, and fire off 10-15 frames.

2- Focus point on the subjects who must remain totally still.  This is critical.

3- The wedding party should be positioned in front and behind the couple.  On command they should walk fast across the couple.  Don’t let them crisscross or they will just bump into each other.

The best shot will be the one where there is a blur in front and behind the couple.  I will make the wedding party do it twice just to make sure I have at least one good shot.

Other Variations include making them run in circles- This is really fun on a hot wedding day.

Or having a faster Shutter speed so they are not totally blurred but in fact you can see their reactions.  Tell them to walk like fast Zombies. On a quicker shutter speed, you can see their blurred reactions and its hilarious.

Canon 5D Mk 3 50 mm 1.2 L

f4, 1/25

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