Finding Balance in Portraiture

Portraiture and balance

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Finding balance in a portrait can make all the difference in an exceptional image.

There are a number of ways to  create the balance in a portrait.  One method I like to use is to use the background as a way to create the balance.  In this case it is the 2 windows to the side of the door.  They are just evident and provide a framing point to the image.

Centering the subject allows this image to work well as a portrait.  And because I’m shooting at f2.8, I can create a shallow depth of field- hence the blurred background.

When you take a picture, check your background as well-  there  maybe something there you can use to prove a framework to balance the image.

Canon 5d Mk3

50mm 1.2 L

f2.8  1/500 IOS 200

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