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Capturing the perfect executive headshot requires more than just technical skill. The subject’s facial expressions play a crucial role in conveying confidence, approachability, and professionalism. Here are three essential facial coaching tips to help you achieve outstanding executive headshots.

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The Confident Smile- Executive Headshots Photo

A confident smile can make a significant impact on executive headshots. To achieve this, encourage your subject to relax their face and think of something genuinely pleasant. Genuine smiles engage the eyes, so prompt them to think of a happy memory or a positive thought. This technique helps produce an authentic smile that reaches the eyes, avoiding the look of a forced grin. Additionally, ask them to slightly squint their eyes—what some photographers call the “squinch.” This subtle adjustment can make a person appear more confident and approachable. Transitioning from a neutral expression to a confident smile during the session helps capture a variety of professional yet warm looks.

The Engaged Look

An engaged, attentive look is essential for conveying a sense of focus and intelligence in executive headshots. To coach this expression, ask your subject to lean slightly forward and maintain eye contact with the camera. This posture naturally brings a look of engagement and interest. Encourage them to keep their mouth closed or slightly parted and to soften their eyes. You might use prompts like, “Imagine you’re listening to an interesting conversation,” to evoke the right expression. This technique helps create a look of concentration and curiosity, which is perfect for professionals who want to appear thoughtful and attentive.

The Approachable Expression- Executive Headshots Photo

For executive headshots, an approachable expression can help humanize the subject, making them appear friendly and trustworthy. To achieve this, guide your subject to relax their jaw and lips. A slight upward curve of the lips can suggest a subtle smile, which conveys warmth without being overly casual. Encourage them to breathe naturally and imagine they’re greeting a colleague or friend. This mental imagery helps produce a relaxed and open expression. Additionally, ensure their eyes are relaxed and avoid any tension in the forehead. Transitioning between a neutral and slightly smiling expression during the shoot provides a range of approachable looks that are professional yet inviting.

In conclusion, mastering facial expressions is key to capturing exceptional executive headshots. By focusing on a confident smile, an engaged look, and an approachable expression, you can help your subjects convey the right mix of professionalism and personality. Use these coaching tips to guide your subjects through their session, ensuring that their executive headshots project confidence, engagement, and approachability. These subtle yet powerful techniques will make a significant difference in the quality and impact of their photos.

September 19th 2014

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