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Look Away Photographs create suspense.  They create drama, tension, and an element of the unknown.

I love the stories that are created by having the subject look away for an instant.  There is more here than if she looked at the camera.

This is one of my favorite images.  This was taken on a hot summer day and we had just returned from a day at the pool. She was exhausted and was ready to get into the AC.

As we were walking to the front door, I could see she was in her own world which is why wanted to create the image before the moment was lost.

I had about 2 seconds before she was going to raise her head to open the door- knowing your camera is crucial for these moments.  Fumble around and the moment is gone.

Knowing it was bright meant the shutter speed was going to be fine.  All I needed was to set the aperture  to 2.0 for the soft background and check exposure from there.

Only  one image was created from the moment before she walked though the door-  but it was enough.

I also love it because I can see her changing each day as she moves into her early teen days and struggles with all the teen issues.  She is more contemplative these days.  A young philosopher.

50mm 1.2 L

f 2  1/2500 ISO 50

Shari Photography

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