Child Actor Headshots Photography

Child Actor Headshots

St Louis Missouri and Illinois photographer for child actor headshots

Derek was a great young person to photograph.  He had a wonderful smile and great personality.

Young  actors are great fun to work with.  They are usually very spontaneous, not to self conscious of their appearance, and just go with the flow.

When working with young actors, rule one is to always have the parent/ guardian present.

Rule 2 is to always have the parent/ guardian present.

Rule 3 is to always…. you get the picture.

Another approach I suggest is to talk to the parents before the shoot and tell them to not get invovled in the posing/ instructions.

Nothing will deflate a kids confidence than a parent who “coaches” from the side with comments liek “you can smile better than that,” or ” try harder in your serious look.”

A gentle reminder that parents should not get involved in the actual posing makes all the difference.

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