Headshot Photography with an Emphasis on Chin and Head Position

It’s the Chin that makes the headshot.


I absolutely love photographing headshot photographs for clients – be it for corporate clients or models or acting looks.  This applies to my approach for senior photography as well.

Chin headshot

The essence of any great portrait is the client needs to feel relaxed, feel amazing, and totally trust their photographer.

If they have the above three then they will project their persona through their eyes- if it’s not in the eyes, then there is no portrait.

How important is the   in a headshot?  It is the shot!  Placing the chin poorly means that you create a double chin, make the eyes smaller because the head is down, and creates a devious look.  And it will add more weight to the persons face.

So, what should they do?  Chin forward and down – like a small turtle.  I say that phrase so many times during a shoot-   forward and down.  Not extreme forward and down, just a wee bit.

This will lengthen their necks a lot which is more pleasing to look at.

Part of our goal at Shari Photography is to create headshots and portraits that make you feel great!

Chin headshot placement is critical to a strong portrait.

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