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I highly recommend Lensrentals.com if you need to rent a lens, camera body, or body/ lens system.

My usual rental location is in town –  Schiller’s Camera –  who are great in terms of service and being knowledgeable about cameras.  But at $50 a day   for a lens rental and the drive through the dreaded speed trap city of Rockhill-    it is a bit much.

LensRentals.com is a an amazing service provider.

1-  Choices:

They carry the best of Canon and Nikon.  Lenses, Camera Bodies, and a whole array of strobes and other items. Other cameras are medium format and more.

2-  Prices-

Very reasonable for 5 day rentals.  The 300mm 2.8 came to $112 for 5 days and included 2 day shipping with return via FedEx.

3-  Silly Easy-

I ordered the lens and it arrived 1 day later.  The return label was included.  The return required a 5 minute trip to Fedex office and they were really helpful.  Tagged and gone.

I love that I don’t have to place the order weeks before the event.  I can place it the week of!

4-  Easy website.

A lovely website that is very easy to use.  It took me 10 mins to find the lens and order it.

5-  Insurance

$14 for the total peace of mind.  Well worth it.

This is a fantastic site, and excellent company, and one I will be doing a lot more business with.




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