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Kansas City Wedding Weekend

Kansas City Wedding Weekend- Even though we are based in St Louis Missouri, we are lucky to be able to photograph weddings across the Midwest.

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January 30th was an amazingly warm day in the city.  Usual temperatures should have been in the 20s!  but we hit the jackpot with temperatures in the 60s!.

A wonderful wedding for Sarina and Alex-  both looked amazing and what a great groups of family and friends they had with them to celebrate the day.

The brides home was perfectly suited for the pictures-  large windows and white walls.  This is the perfect combination for photographing inside a room.

The guys had an equally impressive condo with plenty of light and space.

The Greek Orthodox church was breathtaking with a service that was so majestic and emotional-  lots of happy smiles and few tears-  a perfect combination.

The weather and location form the photographs was perfect  We took so many and the reality is we could have taken more-  the couple were so photogenic and wonderful to work with.

Receptions are my favorite time of the day-  all the challenging pictures are done and I can relax and have some fun.  This was no exception with a great DJ and lots of dancing.

A wonderful wedding.

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Fall Engagement in the Park- Jacob and Sasha



Pre-wedding couple photography.


Fall Engagement in the Park

Fall Engagements Pictures



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The Wedding Day

day day day day Day Day day day day day Day





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Black and White Looks so much Better!

Better Better




Black and White Just Looks Better



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Meng and Ryan Wedding Country Club




Shari Photography


Shari Photography


Shari Photography St Louis


Shari Photography

St Louis Wedding Photographers –  Meng and Ryan-  Country Club Wedding

Meng and Ryan flew in from San Francisco to have their beautiful wedding and reception in St Louis with their families.  The weather was sensational!

The setting was the Meadowbrook Country  in Ballwin.  This is a wonderful location for weddings and receptions.  There is a lovely ballroom and the service is terrific. And the gold course is pretty amazing looking.  As for wildlife-  deer everywhere.

Both Meng and Ryan have children who all played a role in the wedding.  Their son was responsible for the service and gave away his parents.  He is the youngest officiant I have ever photographed!  It was amazing to be watch the kids participate in such a way.

This was a really great day for everyone.

Photographing couple in love is so easy.  They are so comfortable around each other and it shows by having them stand next to each other-  they just melt into each other’s arms.  Meng and Ryan were just like that-  they posed beautifully.  Of course it helps that Meng is a model and nailed every picture I took of her!




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Getting Ready Shots and Why They are Important



Getting Ready


The Guys

Getting Ready Shots and Why They are Important

They are an important series of shots that the couple will love.

Getting into the dress is a ritual and it is the threshold moment of the day-  it is the moment when everyone knows it’s game on.  Or in the words of a brides maid at a recent wedding-  ” The s***ts about to get real”  to which everyone bust into hysterical laughter.

Things I do to document the moment is to control the event.

For example, I ask the groom to put the jacket on in a certain spot-  natural light and clean background.  Never have them look at the camera-  always out the window.  Ask them to play with their cuffs or lapels.  They need to look cool and James Bondish.


For the Bride there are many options and I try to get a sense of the flow of the dress and the people around them.  One of my favorites is the mother applying the final touches of the dress.  This is a timeless ritual and it shows a link to the past

I photograph it at the mothers level,  Never from above because it looks poor,  and always with a backlight behind her.  It creates a nice glow around the mother.

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Urban Sunset Wedding Pose


How to take this and other urban shoots of the new couple-

  • Don’t let them get run over-  never take a chance in traffic.  Drivers will be distracted and your liability insurance wont even come close to saving your butt.
  • Use your 2nd shooter to the eyes while you shoot.  They can let you know if your about to get hit.
  • Don’t over pose and stage. you have at this stage of the day takes loads of their pictures.  This is a capstone of the day and it should be a cool shot.   Your couple wants to party so stop wasting their time.
  • Scout the spot before you tear them away from the party inside.  Sunset happens so fast so make sure you have the timing right.
  • Don’t pose them- yup –  I wrote it twice.  They are buzzing with all sorts of emotions-  so let them play!  just snap away at the right exposure.
  • On this shot I just told them to twirl and dance and he then lifted her.  Nothing else is staged. I love how she kicked her heels up-  I wish I can say I told her to do that, but she just did and made the shot.


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Bride and Poses and the natural Smile

Smile Bride St Louis Wedding

St Louis Photography

Bride and Poses and the natural smile

Wedding Photography St Louis Missouri Illinois Photographer Bride Engagement Seniors Portraits

This was taken at the Westin Hotel downtown St Louis Missouri next to Busch Stadium.  It’s a wonderful hotel with lovely suites and plenty of lighting in each room.

How to get her to smile so naturally?

In this instance the bride was always smiling-  she was lovin’ every minute of the day.  She also had a very natural smile.

Strategies I use to get the smile?

You gotta get goofy-  I’ll say the stupidist things that always get a response- mostly I talk about her future husband and what she things of him.  Bringing up her pet peeves always helps!  Especially when the brides maids are in the room.

Lots of laughing all round.  Get everyone in the room to have a giggle and the mood lightens and everyone is suddenly feeling better.  My go to line is from the show Friends-  “How you doin’!”  Get them to say it Joey style…

This was taken with no flash as we set the bride up for a series of pictures.

The rest of the hotel  has loads of terrific locations to photograph the bride and wedding party.

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Off Camera Flashes on a Bride How to get it done

Off Camera Flashes on a Bride


Wedding Lake


Wedding Bride


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Use the Curve Luke!


The Curve Path

I guess that after a while, a photographer starts to see certain items or features when on a shoot.  These are features I know will always create a pleasing image if composed well.

2 of those items are in this photograph I recently took at a wedding in Illinois:  the curved path or road and light background.

I’d say that these 2 elements are really common in my photographs mostly because of the effect they create.

  1. Light background.  Ideally the subjects are in the shade. I really love how the dark and light contrasts in an image work together.  The light portion of the image seems to pull the subject to it which has a nice archetypal feel to it-  moving to the brightness as they start their new lives together.
  2. Rim light.  Another reason I like the brighter background composition is that it creates a rim lighting affect around the couple.  It helps them stand out and seemingly glow.
  3. The Curve.  Curves are appealing to look at.  The human eye is drawn to it more that say a right angle.    They help provide definition and shape to the subject.  I try to look for paths or roads that have the curve because as it bends away the eye is drawn to its shape.  There is also an element of the un known as it disappears off the picture.  This creates tension or drama while still balancing  the focus on the subject.
  4. The Metaphor.  And of course it’s a metaphor.  It’s their journey into the unknown-  it’s an exciting time as they start their lives together and are awash with hope and bright joy.

So, in the words of Star Wars-  Follow the Curve, Luke.

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