Urban Sunset Wedding Pose


How to take this and other urban shoots of the new couple-

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  • Don’t let them get run over- never take a chance in traffic.  Drivers will be distracted, and your liability insurance won’t even come close to saving your butt.
  • Use your 2nd shooter to the eyes while you shoot.  They can let you know if you’re about to get hit.
  • Don’t over pose and stage. you have at this stage of the day takes loads of their pictures.  This is a capstone of the day, and it should be a cool shot.   Your couple wants to party so stop wasting their time.
  • Scout the spot before you tear them away from the party inside.  Sunset happens so fast so make sure you have the timing right.
  • Don’t pose them- yup – I wrote it twice.  They are buzzing with all sorts of emotions-  so let them play!  just snap away at the right exposure.
  • On this shot I just told them to twirl and dance and he then lifted her.  Nothing else is staged. I love how she kicked her heels up- I wish I can say I told her to do that, but she just did and made the shot.


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