Photographing Wedding Shoes

Photographing Wedding shoes and the details from the day.  It’s an important part of what a modern bride wants and should be photographed.


Photographing the Wedding Shoes is a fun and different shot to take on the wedding day.

I always look for different looks or subject matters on a wedding day.  Of course there are the classic poses and compositions that all wedding photographers should capture.

But the fun of the day is pushing yourself to look for different approaches or angles. The general rule is to make sure you get the safe required shots first.  If the shit hits the fan in the day –  and it will someday-  for example a storm blows in, you lose or break the gear, or some other crisis occurs-  at the very least you will have the safe shots to fall back on.  Get the safe ones first no matter what!

Once you have those then you can have fun-  push the envelop of creativity or just take fun shots.

The shots may not make their album or wall print, but they will make them giggle or have a reaction.  Maybe an AHH moment for them.


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