Processional Wedding Pictures

How to take Processional Pictures.

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Processional Wedding Pictures have an immediate impact.

The couple are seconds into their union- husband and wife.

Photographing the wedding processional is an essential part of capturing the story of a wedding day. This moment marks the beginning of the ceremony, filled with anticipation and emotion. Here are some tips to ensure you capture it beautifully.

Plan and Position

Scout the venue beforehand to understand the layout and lighting. Choose a strategic position where you have a clear view of the aisle but aren’t in the way of guests or the bridal party. Typically, positioning yourself near the front, off to the side, allows for unobstructed shots of the procession as they walk down the aisle.

Camera Settings

Use a fast shutter speed (1/250 or higher) to freeze movement and avoid blur. Set your aperture between f/2.8 and f/4 to create a shallow depth of field, which helps isolate your subjects against the background. Adjust ISO based on the lighting conditions, keeping it as low as possible to reduce noise.

Capture Emotions and Details

Focus on capturing the emotions of the moment. Get close-up shots of the bride and her escort, the bridal party, and the expressions of guests. Include wide-angle shots to capture the overall scene and the reactions of the groom and attendees. Remember to take a mix of candid and composed shots to tell the full story of this special moment.

By planning ahead, using the right settings, and focusing on emotions, you’ll create stunning photos of the wedding processional that the couple will cherish forever.

It is seconds into a process that for some has started years before. The Processional.

The release of emotions at the moment of the processional is spectacular.

This is a must have shot that all wedding photographers must get-  it’s on par with the kiss.

Capturing it is pretty easy to with the right gear.

A zoom is preferable because of the low depth of field and the ability to flatten the background.  This will help keep the focus on the subject.

A word of Caution.  You will be walking backwards.  So please be extra careful you dont trip or bang into something.  I have seen so many Youtube videos of photographers walking backwards and falling into something.

I love the various reactions you will get from the couple. They are either making contact with certain people in the church-  a wave or handshake, or they are stealing occasional glances at each other.

Regardless of what they are doing –  they are always beaming with joy.  These reactions are priceless.

These are tremendous pictures your clients will love.

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