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Planes in the Trees Series

Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes

I was walking through Richmond Park while visiting my parents in London, UK.

Planes fly directly over the park to Heathrow-  one of the busiest airports in the world.

A plane every 45 seconds.

Occasionally I would glance up and catch a view of a plane between the tree the branches.   There was a surreal look to the planes caught in the branches.

This is the series from the day walking in the park.


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Streets of Granada Spain

Streets of Granada Spain

Love this city in southern Spain.  Granada is an amazing town with incredible food, culture, alleys, an history.  There is such a wonderful feel to this city.

Here is a selection of photographs I took on a recent trip in July 2015.  I love Alleys and this city provided many excellent opportunities to get lost and take pictures.

Wedding Illinois St Louis Missouri Photography Photographer

Spain Streets of Granada Spain Streets of Granada Spain Streets of Granada Spain Streets of Granada Spain Streets of Granada Spain Streets of Granada Spain

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Giant’s Causway Photography Northern Ireland

Giant’s Causway Photography Northern Ireland


St Louis Photography


St Louis Photographer

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St Louis Photography

As we continue are travels across the UK this was one of our stops yesterday. It really is an impressive site.   We are off to Ireland tomorrow for a week.



Canon 5D MK3

17-40 mm 2.8

f 11 1/500 ISO 800

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Action Photography Techniques

Techniques and Action Photography

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St Louis Photography Event Photographer St Louis Missouri Illinois

Las Vegas IRB Sevens Rugby 2014

Over the years I have been able to photograph a number of high profile sporting events.  In each case the following  tips have been my rule for capturing great images the editors want to see.


Get the lens with the best length and keep it a prime.  No Zooms.  Canon 300 mm 2.8 is spectacular.  It is one of the few lenses that can capture a bead of sweat. I made the mistake of using the Canon 28-300 L 4.5-5.  What a mistake!  Images were just too soft.  If you can the Canon 600 mm is the one.

Shutter Speed-

Get a monopod and keep the shutter speed high.  Nothing worse than a wonderfully composed image that is blurry because of a slow shitter or because you were tired of holding the camera and lens.

Max the Frames per second-

Don’t be a fool and think you can use single frame or low frames per second in fast action sports.  Set the shutter per frame to the max and let rip.  Assume you will need to go through 1000’s of images in post production.  I can cover 3000 images in 30 mins or less in Lightroom.  But to lose THE shot because you didn’t want to cull the images is plain silly.


This is essential.  I like the corners of the filed and the side where I think the action will happen the most.  A little homework on the teams helps.  Also pick the position where there will be less clutter in the background.  Even at 2.8 you want to be aware of this.


Follow the action and anticipate the action.  You want to be in a mindset that just prior to THE shot you are going to start the frames.  So 10 frames before THE shot and I am starting.

Fill the Frame-

It’s about the athletes.  So fill the frame either in post production or in camera.  A big prime telephoto will let you do that.  Show the emotion of the scene because that’s what the action is about.

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Creating a Photography Wedding Timeline

Creating a Photography Wedding Timeline


Sample Wedding Timeline by Shari Photography

St Louis Wedding Photography Missouri Illinois

A detailed timeline created by the photographer and NOT the wedding planner is essential to the success of the photographer in keeping the day moving.  Don’t think for  a moment that a photographer’s job is simply to show and take pictures.  Maybe 15 years ago, but not anymore.

The modern photographer needs to wear  many different hats beyond just photographer.  We need to support, counsel, cajole,  corral and carryout a bunch of other tasks.  And I love em all.

At Shari Photography the timeline is the foundation for the day and it is created with the bride and groom.  It is an essential document to ensure the day moves smoothly.

Where to start-

Anchor Points-  these are times set in stone that cannot be changed or missed.  For example, the service.  If it’s at 4 pm-  then it must remain at 4pm.   Others are – when the bride leaves for the church, when the couple are announced, when the formals should begin etc…

Timelines I create are very specific.  They include when the bride should get into her dress, when the parents should arrive, etc…  The more detail and times included, the more confident  the bride will be in the wedding day.

The Process:

I usually contact the bride 6 weeks before the wedding.  In a 30 minute conversation I begin to create the draft of the day and then email it to them via a PDF.  My Brides love this-  it is a visual for them so they can see how their day will unfold.  This becomes a living document as we tweak it.  As we get closer to the date, all the pieces fall into place.  Because of my experience, I am able to provide advise on what will or will not work.  Some timelines are finalized the day of the wedding.

Too many brides stress about everything not going to plan.  A detailed timeline with plenty of wiggle room allows the bride feel more at ease.  It’s also a way for the photographer to break the day into sequences.  Each sequence requires a different photographic approach.  For example, during the getting ready sequence I will use specific lenses and know there are must have shots to take.  Knowing how much time I have is critical in getting those shots.

Wedding days are typically rushed no matter what-  but a detailed timeline can smooth these days a lot, make for a happier bride, and create order of a day that can easily spin into a little turmoil.

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Why Fall Photographs Look Amazing

Why Fall Photographs Look Amazing


Autumn Leaves

Why Fall Photographs Look Amazing

Photographs in the Fall look amazing.  Why?

There are a couple events occurring that make photographs at this time so breathtaking.

a)  Colors-  the array of colors with a fall treeline in the background can be incredible.  There are so many different shades of colors that are very appealing.

b)  Warmth-  the range of colors are usually the warm tones that are appealing to the human eye- reds, yellows, oranges, and other warm tones.  These colors are always going to be more appealing than a series of cold colors.

c)  Quality of light-  The light is much softer –  it has to do with the location of the sun on the horizon line.  The light is more diffused and so much softer.  And all great pictures begin with the quality of light.

So when you take a picture, you are getting hit with an array of warm colors in a  soft light.  It really is unbelievable.

What’s the best way to photograph in this season?  Depends on the subject.

For landscapes, close your aperture down-  that means f  9 or higher.  The bigger the F number the less light will hit your sensor and  the sharper your image will be.  But more importantly, more of your image will be in focus.  Ansel Adams would photograph at f22 or higher.  A wide lens is most helpful.

For portraits I photograph at f2.8- 1.8.  The smaller the F number then more light enters the camera-  but what it will do is blur the background.  This is especially appealing with portraits when you want the people to be in focus but have  the big tree or big bush with the lovely leaves to be blurred.  You’ll see the red/orange/yellow haze behind the people.

Fall is one of my favorite times to photograph because you can’t go wrong.


Why Fall Photographs Look Amazing






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