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A common question I get during photography seminars I give deals with camera position for headshots.

There are many different positions but the one you should NEVER take is to photograph the client from below.

Some problems-  it adds 5 lbs to the face, lets you see up the nostrils, makes the eyes squint (not a trusting image) and gives the impression of a power hungry egomaniac.

My preferred angle is from slightly above the eye line.  I’m a tall guy so I can comfortable position my camera in this spot.  I try to keep the lens around the forehead.  In this way the client is not straining to look up, but instead creates a lovely curve of the neck.  this is perfect for women,  but not so much for men.

It also helps with keeping the eyes open wider in a more natural way.

Canon 5 D Mk2

85 1.2 L

f.3.2 1/500 ISO 50

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