Photography Scam- Family Portraits

Photography Scam-  Family Portraits

Watch out for this email for a scam :

And this is the Text:

“Hi, This is David Brandon Do you offer Family Reunion Photography and accept credit card? Kindly reply back if you do.

Thank you”

I get about 1 every 3 weeks now from some scammer trying to get me to make a transaction.

Sadly, too many photographers fall for it because of the need to book jobs.

The basics of the scam involves them making a transaction for over the amount-  say by $2000.  They then request they send the difference to back to them.

They are so shameless they will even call you and harass you and threaten to sue you because of some breach of contract.

In some cases you will receive a call from a USA number- Florida for some reason, from a guy with a heavy accent claiming to be an attorney for a legal firm who is about to sue you and “garnish your wages”.

I don’t think there is a lot you can do.

All I do is send the  following reply:

“Dear David,

I am available and would love to photograph your family.

I only have 2 stipulations as per my contract:

  1.  I am a Paternal Natrurist photographer which means you will need to be nude when I take the pictures.  It’s a way of symbolizing   your position as a head of the house-  this is a very popular style of portraits from France.
  2. In addition to the payment of $3000 to take 1 picture, my other requirement is that I will  have intercourse with your wife.

Just send me your credit card details and I will schedule you for early 2018-  my first available date.”

Don’t get sucked in by these guys-  do some research and know that if it is too good to be true-  then it is.


Here is a another website with the same warning :

SCAM Warning




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