Minimalistic Composition Photography

Minimalistic Composition Photography is almost always better.

Minimalistic Composition Photography

Simple means creating an image that has a single focus and not cluttered. It has a much more appealing look than an image that has too much activity through the boundaries. Minimalistic Composition Photography is a style that can evoke tremendous reactions.  Keeping it simple is actually …simple.

Single Minimalistic Photography

Single focus does not mean 1 solitary item.  A large group portrait is a single item. The rings are a single item.  In many cases, a photograph will have more purpose when it has an obvious simple focus.

Related to this is the “stuff” in the picture.  A photograph will almost always look better when it is not busy.  I always try to clear the edges and background of the image of clutter.  This means physically moving items if possible or cropping in tight with the camera.

Word to the wise- always crop in camera and not in Lightroom whenever possible.  It will save you hours.

For background, the easiest way to reduce the clutter is to shoot at F4 or higher like f2.8.  Doing so will blur the background.  How much blurriness will depend on the much you open the lens.

Minimalistic Composition Photography free is a great strategy.





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