Faust Park Engagement Session

Faust Park Engagements offer lots of variety and scenes for the photographer.  My couples love the images from that location.
Faust Park Engagement Session

Faust Park is slowly becoming one of my favorite places for engagements.

There is such a variety of places within a small space.

I like to give my clients a huge variety of pictures-  that cover different poses and locations.  For example, Nicole and Zac will receive about 250 edited images from the session –  I love variety and this location gives me that option.

Options I look for when I put together the engagement sessions are:  fields or open grassy spaces for a rural look,  structures or buildings for an urban feel, and any over hanging objects like tree limbs to frame the picture or tunneling type looks where light will pour in from the back.

The structures are some of the best options here.  There are 2 barns with lovely textures surfaces and a large house with stairs and bright colors.  There are many photographic options wit both building types.

The large grassy field has a ton of options too.  One part has tall grass and at sunset the light is just spectacular!


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