Disney Themed Wedding

In the summer of 2011, I photographed The Disney Wedding.

Jamie and Chris hired me to photograph their wedding on what they described as having a little themed feel.  At the time I knew they were planning a Disney themed wedding, but I had no idea to what extent.  About a third of my clients plan weddings that are both creative in setting and look.  I really enjoy being a part of these weddings.

Disney Themed Wedding

On the day of the wedding, we photographed both Jamie and the girls getting ready and Chris with the boys.  I was having so much fun photographing all the details and goings on that it still did not hit me what I was involved in or the extent of the theme.
The entire wedding party was awesome.  Jamie and Chris are such wonderful people- about as genuine and humble as you can get.  Their friends are very close, loyal, and supportive.  

The bond was really evident between the wedding party and the couple.  While the girls were drinking Mimosas and watching Disney movies, the guys were jamin on guitars and having a party.  Shots and Cinnamon rolls is what I remember.  Great times at both locations. Some of my favorite candid shots are from this day.

The ceremony was at a park in O’Fallon.  It was a lovely setting with the officiant wearing Mickey Mouse ears.  My favorite was the father of the Bride dressed as King Neptune.  What an awesome family! The weather was perfect for that time of year and I thought the ceremony was just right for the occasion.

The reality of the theme did not hit me until we drove to St Charles for some wedding party pictures.  This is a very popular spot for wedding pictures.  There must have been at least 10 other weddings there at the time.
While all the other wedding parties looked great, my wedding party looked AMAZING.  They stole the show.  Other wedding couples wanted pictures taken with Jamie and Chris. 

We were able to get amazing pictures of the couple and the party here.
Jamie and Chris are a wonderful couple-   humble, outgoing, caring, and giving.  I am so lucky to have been their photographer.


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