What I use this page for:

As a photographer, I will focus on my passion as a photographer by providing tips.  I will share images with technical information about how I took and planned the photograph in this headshot blog.  Hopefully this will allow my clients to get a sense of my creative thought process as I balance the technical aspects of using the best DSLRs from Canon with my creative impulse. 

The page is designed for both my clients and other portrait professional photographers with advice gleamed from over 15 years as a professional photographer.

Transforming Your Image with the Right Headshot Background



AI Headshots- “A few extra fingers” – St Louis Headshot and Event Photography (shariphotography.com)

One of the big AI Headshot website companies called HeadshotPro (a Chinese based tech company) touts the incredible low price and amazing headshots you will receive from them. They claim you will get 100 plus photos. \

But, buried deep in their own FAQ section is this:


How we use AI technology for your headshot. – St Louis Headshot and Event Photography (shariphotography.com). Blog

Get an AI headshot if you plan on using it on your Instagram, social media, dating sites and essentially anything that is not professional.   An AI headshot is a computer-generated image of you. It lacks authenticity and could damage your brand or credibility. Also, it will have no emotional appeal because it will be machine created. 

An AI created headshot has no human control over the result and is incapable of making complex choices when it comes to editing a human face.




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