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Question-  What is the easiest way to take an amazing portrait that has depth and body in the faces of the subject?

Answer-  Put them next to a window.

What makes the above portrait work? Even clean light that is soft.  It helps that there is a white wall to reflect the light back on the subjects.  But regardless,  window light is wonderful to capture. If the light source is too harsh, softening it is easy to accomplish with a mesh curtain.

One common problem could be the shadows on one side of the face. This can have a really dramatic effect, but may not be preferable in some images. This is easily corrected bu turing the subjects slightly to the light.

In this image I over exposed by 1/3 stop to brighten the image. F4 is the preferred size to keep everyone in focus.

Of course, having a beautiful daughter standing next to my lovely parents really helps too.

Canon 5D Mk2

Canon 35mm 1.4L

f4  1/250  ISO 400   1/3 +




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