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A beautiful review posted on my Wedding Wire page-  thank you Tracy.

Tracy said…
Besides my husband, no other man was more valuable to me on our wedding day than Rez. I have known Rez’s work for many years, and I always knew that when the time came to capture my wedding, Rez would be my only pick. Here are some reasons I recommend Rez and Shari Photography: 1. Rez is a “details” person. From our earliest consultation through the selection of and delivery of our photos, every detail was considered and addressed. I am an organized and detail-oriented person, too, but Rez asked questions in our consultations that pushed my thinking and planning even more. Because of his early focus, I became even more organized. Even more amazing is that even with this incredible focus on our day, Rez actually calmed the mood of everyone. He took care of the details without anyone knowing the extra work he was doing. Everything was smooth. 2. Rez has an amazing eye, and he was able to capture who we are in our shots. Because of his ability to clearly communicate as well as observe, Rez knew the couple we are and found ways to capture that again and again. For so many of our shots, people look at them and simply go “wow”. They are stunning. Rez uses light, surroundings, shapes, shadows, and dozens of photographer-specific-skills I know nothing about. Every picture told a story. Every single one. He went beyond capturing people: he captured emotion and dreams and all of the intangibles that are part of the joy of the day. The pictures surpass anything I could have ever imagined. 3. Personality. I love Rez. I have had the pleasure of working with Rez for over ten years. He is a wonderful person who has a brilliant mix of lightness and focus. Nothing was stressful. Nothing was ill-planned. Nothing was forced. Everything was lovely and natural and fun, and if Paul and I had the opportunity to have a wedding every year, Rez would be with us every year without fail. We whole-heartedly recommend Rez and Shari Photography.


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