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There is no substitution for natural light.  But even then the light should be softly diffused so it is not too harsh.

Harsh light will blow out the details of the dress and make for a very poor image.

Find a window and place the bride near it.  If the light is too harsh, cover the window space or move the bride further away from the window.


Posing is an art form.  You can’t just tell the bride to sit and hope she looks good.  You must know as the photographer the basics of posing a women.

Study fashion magazines and clothing catalogs.  Pay close attention to where they place their feet, hips, and arms.  These details can separate the image from boring to daring.

Modern Brides want to look sexy and dynamic-  even in their wedding dress.  I always take the “safe” shots, and then pose them in ways I know they will love-  sexy and clean.


Keep it clean and clutter free.  Move stuff.  If you can’t then find another space.

The first and Last rule of photographing the Bride-

The only focus in the image should be the lovely bride. Nothing else.

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