Wedding Photography Scam Update

Original Post on the Scam

I posted the above blog a year ago.

Since then I have received so many responses from other photogs that have been scammed in this way.

The scamming has taken on new twists-  not just for wedding photography.  They now cover all events we can photograph.

The key is to look at the initial email for clues:

1-  Spelling Errors-  lots of them. Especially for obvious words

2-  Grammar/Punctuation-  Lots of them.  if it looks like it was written by a non-English speaker then watch out.

3-  Overseas Contact-  Anything from overseas must be treated with extreme caution.

4-  Investigate- Google anything factual in the email:  phone numbers, emails, names, addresses…

5-  Too good to be True- It’s never that easy to make a booking.

6-  Short Term Booking-  I have never booked a wedding or event when it was a 4-6 weeks out.  If they want something soon, then watch out.

If you do get pulled in, I would avoid all subsequent contacts with them.  They will resort to threats and legal actions to get money from you.  They have no grounds and no legal claim.  Ignore their emails and threats.


If you have any that you have come across, please share them so we can look out for each other.  Include their phone numbers and emails which will help in our Investigative Searches.


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