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Look for reflections to create an impact in a posed image.  You can find reflective surfaces everywhere-  they don’t always have to be a mirror.  In fact I try to avoid mirrors as much as possible because that is what most other photographers would use.

Look for any reflective surface that may carry the image-  glass, water, tabletop, reflective wall  etc…

In this image, the indoor pool was off the lobby of the hotel.  We were waiting to leave via shuttle and I saw the opportunity.  The image was also special for the guys because most of them were college swimmers.

As always, I don’t try to pose the boys too much.  Just get them to huddle and they will take of the rest with their body language. It was a quick shot setup and we were on the way.

 Look for reflective surfaces-  they can be found everywhere.  They add a lovely dimension to the composition.

Canon 5D M2

24-70 2.8L

f 4 1/500 ISO 400

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