Use the Curve Luke!

I guess that after a while, a photographer starts to see certain items or features when on a shoot.  These are features I know will always create a pleasing image if composed well.

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2 of those items are in this photograph I recently took at a wedding in Illinois:  the curved path or road and light background.

I’d say that these 2 elements are really common in my photographs mostly because of the effect they create.

  1. Light background.  Ideally the subjects are in the shade. I really love how the dark and light contrasts in an image work together.  The light portion of the image seems to pull the subject to it which has a nice archetypal feel to it-  moving to the brightness as they start their new lives together.
  2. Rim light.  Another reason I like the brighter background composition is that it creates a rim lighting affect around the couple.  It helps them stand out and seemingly glow.
  3. The Curve.  Curves are appealing to look at.  The human eye is drawn to it more that say a right angle.    They help provide definition and shape to the subject.  I try to look for paths or roads that have the curve because as it bends away the eye is drawn to its shape.  There is also an element of the un known as it disappears off the picture.  This creates tension or drama while still balancing  the focus on the subject.
  4. The Metaphor.  And of course it’s a metaphor.  It’s their journey into the unknown-  it’s an exciting time as they start their lives together and are awash with hope and bright joy.

So, in the words of Star Wars-  Follow the Curve, Luke.

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