The Kiss that Never Happens- Posing Tip

wedding kissThe Kiss- The Tip

What type of couple’s pictures do I like to do during engagement sets? What vision do I bring?

I really never know until I start working with the couple.  It usually takes me 10-15 mins of chatting, photographing, and just getting to know the clients a little before I can decide on a creative direction.  But one shot I always try to work in is the kiss that never happens.

If I think the couple is up for it and we are at a point in the session where we are all in the groove. I start posing tight shots.  These are real physical type poses with hands gently placed around the face, neck, or back. I want the couple to make a lot of eye contact with each other and hardly ever look at the camera.  With their lips being so close together, they have a tendency to want to kiss and giggle.

Well, I don’t let them.

With lips inches from each other, and eyes looking deep into each other’s.  We can create wonderful tension in these images.  You can actually feel electricity between them.  This is why they fell in love in the first place. There is real passion and excitement about the man or woman in your arms.

As a photographer you really need a level of confidence to not only read the couple but pose them in tight shots.  If they feel comfortable with you and trust you then incredible photographs are possible.


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