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Stylish Engagements Wardrobes

The Wardrobe for a stylish engagement shoot is really important.  As a wedding photographer in St Louis we create beautiful portraits.


Stylish Wedding and Engagement Portraits

Wearing outfits that not only compliment what your stye but each other is really important.

Your Style:

You have a look and it should be what you’ll wear on the day.  We always like doing 2-3 different outfits on the shoot.  Your style is important but then we also want the items to have some consistency.  It’s always best to avoid wild patterns or really bright neon coloring.  This is usually too distracting.


You need to look together in style.  This does not mean dress the same which is really uncool and tacky looking.  It means you styles should balance each other.  If he’s jeans and tshirts, then so should you.

We always talk our couples through what they should wear,  because it’s a big part of the image.

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Spring Engagements are Great Fun

Spring Engagements are so  much fun because everything looks so bright and green after a dull winter.  Spring

Spring Engagements are a blast in St Louis.  Our winters are typically really drab in color so it’s great when this month  rolls around.

What makes it so special is the amazing amount of color-  everything is bursting with such bold colors that it help to think though the wardrobe.

I like my couples to dress in a way that’s comfortable for them.  But adding color makes all the difference.  It will compliment the natural colors around them.  I absolutely do not want my couples to dress alike-  that is too cheesy and it goes against my belief that the couples are unique as is their style.

With that in mind, I don’t want them to wear whatever they like.  I have a prepared packet I give my couples that helps guide them to what they should wear.  The essential part I think is accenting with each other.

Simple connections through color make all the difference.

Spring Engagement and Wedding Photography of a creative and artistic style

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Pet Autumn Engagement Pictures

Pet Pictures and Engagements

Pet Pet Photography Pet Photography Pet Photography Pet Photography

Photographing an Engagement with a Pet

1-  If you love your dog then bring them

2-  Be prepared to have a lot of down time because your dog will be so happy to be outside

3-  Bring someone to watch your dog so we can take awesome pictures of you guys without the dog.

4-  Be prepared for accidents.

5-  Bring your dogs favorite toy.



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Picnic Themed Engagement Shoot in Park

Themed Themed Themed Themed Themed Themed Themed

Picnic Themed Engagement Shoot in Park

Let’s face it, there are few moments more exciting than saying “yes” to the love of your life. And although taking engagement photos obviously isn’t mandatory, it’s a fun way to announce your happy news, show off that ring and get some gorgeous snapshots of you and your partner!

Traditional engagement photos are always lovely, but if you really want to let your personality as a couple shine, this is the time to go for it. Get inspired by these 10 unique themed engagement photo sessions from real couples.

This Whimsical Picnic Photo Shoot

A lovely day-  not too chilly.

They brought a chilled bottle of wine and their super cute dog.  While it is illegal to have an open wine container in the park, we decided to that for the sake of art, we would break the law.

They provided all the extra items to make this a really fun shoot. If you are a couple and have items you want to bring to ad more zing to the shoot-   Do It!

Photographers love it when couples bring items that are unique.  So think of a creative prop and leave the rest to your photog!

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City Engagement Ben and Melissa

City city city city

City Engagement Ben and Melissa

City Engagement Photography

They met at work in the city-  he chatted her up in the elevator and she thought he looked cool.

She had noticed him around the office- he knew who she was and has asked about her.

He asked her what floor she needed-  he knew.

He complimented her on the colorful scarf she was wearing.

He thinks she blushed at that.

They met over lunch the next and everyday after that.

Their first date was the Botanical Gardens-  both had memberships.

Both had the same favorite spot- the gardens beside Shaw’s house.

Engagement Stories

That’s where he proposed- on the same bench they sat on 4 months ago-  when he realized he wanted to be with her forever.




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Fall Engagement in the Park- Jacob and Sasha



Pre-wedding couple photography.


Fall Engagement in the Park

Fall Engagements Pictures



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Urban Engagementy Style Photography- Nick and Jessica

Style style style Engagements Engagements EngagementsUrban

Urban Engagements Style Photography

Tips for Photographing Couples



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Faust Park Engagement Session

Faust Park Engagements offer lots of variety and scenes for the photographer.  My couples love the images from that location.

Faust Park


Faust PArk Faust Park Faust Park Engagement Session

Faust Park is slowly becoming one of my favorite places for engagements.

There is such a variety of places within a small space.

I like to give my clients a huge variety of pictures-  that cover different poses and locations.  For example, Nicole and Zac will receive about 250 edited images from the session –  I love variety and this location gives me that option.

Options I look for when I put together the engagement sessions are:  fields or open grassy spaces for a rural look,  structures or buildings for an urban feel, and any over hanging objects like tree limbs to frame the picture or tunneling type looks where light will pour in from the back.

The structures are some of the best options here.  There are 2 barns with lovely textures surfaces and a large house with stairs and bright colors.  There are many photographic options wit both building types.

The large grassy field has a ton of options too.  One part has tall grass and at sunset the light is just spectacular!


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Engagement Urban

Wedding St Louis

St Louis Engagement

St Louis Wedding Engagement Photography Missouri Illinois Photographer Bride Groom Urban Portraits

Wedding Missouri

St Louis Wedding

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Engagement Style

wedding st louis

St Louis Wedding

Wedding engagement photographer st Louis Hermann Columbia Kansas City Illinois portrait Missouri style

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