Picnic Themed Engagement Shoot in Park


Picnic Themed Engagement Shoot in Park

Let’s face it, there are few moments more exciting than saying “yes” to the love of your life. And although taking engagement photos obviously isn’t mandatory, it’s a fun way to announce your happy news, show off that ring and get some gorgeous snapshots of you and your partner!

Traditional engagement photos are always lovely, but if you really want to let your personality as a couple shine, this is the time to go for it. Get inspired by these 10 unique themed engagement photo sessions from real couples.

This Whimsical Picnic Photo Shoot

A lovely day-  not too chilly.

They brought a chilled bottle of wine and their super cute dog.  While it is illegal to have an open wine container in the park, we decided to that for the sake of art, we would break the law.

They provided all the extra items to make this a really fun shoot. If you are a couple and have items you want to bring to ad more zing to the shoot-   Do It!

Photographers love it when couples bring items that are unique.  So think of a creative prop and leave the rest to your photog!


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