Stylish Engagements Wardrobes

The Wardrobe for a stylish engagement shoot is really important.  As a wedding photographer in St Louis we create beautiful portraits.


Stylish Wedding and Engagement Portraits

Wearing outfits that not only compliment what your stye but each other is really important.

Your Style:

You have a look and it should be what you’ll wear on the day.  We always like doing 2-3 different outfits on the shoot.  Your style is important but then we also want the items to have some consistency.  It’s always best to avoid wild patterns or really bright neon coloring.  This is usually too distracting.


You need to look together in style.  This does not mean dress the same which is really uncool and tacky looking.  It means you styles should balance each other.  If he’s jeans and tshirts, then so should you.

We always talk our couples through what they should wear,  because it’s a big part of the image.

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