Spring Engagements are Great Fun

Spring Engagements are so  much fun because everything looks so bright and green after a dull winter.  Spring

Spring Engagements are a blast in St Louis.  Our winters are typically really drab in color so it’s great when this month  rolls around.

What makes it so special is the amazing amount of color-  everything is bursting with such bold colors that it help to think though the wardrobe.

I like my couples to dress in a way that’s comfortable for them.  But adding color makes all the difference.  It will compliment the natural colors around them.  I absolutely do not want my couples to dress alike-  that is too cheesy and it goes against my belief that the couples are unique as is their style.

With that in mind, I don’t want them to wear whatever they like.  I have a prepared packet I give my couples that helps guide them to what they should wear.  The essential part I think is accenting with each other.

Simple connections through color make all the difference.

Spring Engagement and Wedding Photography of a creative and artistic style

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