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I always like to include a frame in photographs.  It creates a lovely balance in each image.  Trick is finding them on a rushed day.

I have a mental check list once I enter any location on the wedding day.

These are must have essential critical features that will make a photograph amazing-

1-  The first on the list is light source-  where is the best light coming in the room?  I’m like a hound –  I am obsessed with finding and using the light  area with the best flow of light.  That’s how I think of light-  a flow.

2-  Clutter- free space-  I am also a furniture mover.  My and my 2nd will move anything we can put of the way to get a clean space in the light flow.  Don’t forget the shoes, bras, bottle, glasses, bags etc… that will be in the background.

3-  Frame-  I love to include a simple frame if possible.  The above image has the 2 rows of light running by each other.  It creates a lovely balance and is not too obvious.  I actually train my eye to look for the above 3 whenever I am in a non wedding location.  At the dentist, hardware store, gas station…  It’s a little game I play to keep me sharp.

There are other mental checklist items which I will post in greater detail  on another post.  But for now, try adding the above to your mental checklist.


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