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Spring Love

Spring time is such a wonderful time for engagements that are full of love and romance.


How do photograph the love between a couple in 1 hour?

Part of my inspiration comes from looking at the photographs of other amazing photographers-  photographers who are not well known but are truly masters in the creative realm of photography.  What I am looking for are the pictures that are so natural looking it is as if the photographer wasn’t even there!

There are tons of examples where you can tell the coupe were laboring through the process-  no connection at all.  This is not because they have no connection between each other-  it’s because they have no connection with the photographer.

I am not sure how, as a photographer, you learn to make couples at ease.  What is the system to have them relax and enjoy their time together while being photographed?

Bottom line – it’s an art,  a skill, a genuine sense of empathy.

Rule Number 1- look like you know what your are doing.  Don’t look like a dickhead with the camera and gear.  That is the surest way for them to not trust you.

Rule Number 2-  have fun.  Truly enjoy the time your are spending with them.

Rule Number 3-  make them laugh.  A sense of humour is the cornerstone of building relationships.




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Spring Engagements are Great Fun

Spring Engagements are so  much fun because everything looks so bright and green after a dull winter.  Spring

Spring Engagements are a blast in St Louis.  Our winters are typically really drab in color so it’s great when this month  rolls around.

What makes it so special is the amazing amount of color-  everything is bursting with such bold colors that it help to think though the wardrobe.

I like my couples to dress in a way that’s comfortable for them.  But adding color makes all the difference.  It will compliment the natural colors around them.  I absolutely do not want my couples to dress alike-  that is too cheesy and it goes against my belief that the couples are unique as is their style.

With that in mind, I don’t want them to wear whatever they like.  I have a prepared packet I give my couples that helps guide them to what they should wear.  The essential part I think is accenting with each other.

Simple connections through color make all the difference.

Spring Engagement and Wedding Photography of a creative and artistic style

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City Engagement Ben and Melissa

City city city city

City Engagement Ben and Melissa

City Engagement Photography

They met at work in the city-  he chatted her up in the elevator and she thought he looked cool.

She had noticed him around the office- he knew who she was and has asked about her.

He asked her what floor she needed-  he knew.

He complimented her on the colorful scarf she was wearing.

He thinks she blushed at that.

They met over lunch the next and everyday after that.

Their first date was the Botanical Gardens-  both had memberships.

Both had the same favorite spot- the gardens beside Shaw’s house.

Engagement Stories

That’s where he proposed- on the same bench they sat on 4 months ago-  when he realized he wanted to be with her forever.




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Urban Engagementy Style Photography- Nick and Jessica

Style style style Engagements Engagements EngagementsUrban

Urban Engagements Style Photography

Tips for Photographing Couples



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London St Paul’s Photography

London St Paul’s Cathedral

London Photography

London England Photographer

 London and the Cathedral

This is outside St Paul’s Cathedral  .  My brother in law took the picture after I set it up for him.  Has a Fellini- esque look to it.

Once again I am amazed at the Canon 5D Mk 2’s low light capabilities. This was shot at ISO 6000.  You’d expect to see heavy noise or grain in the blacks of the image but it is surprisingly clean.

Taken at dark with the only lights being the flood lights on the building and a street light by Nick.


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Heather and Adam Engagement

St Louis Wedding

Engagement Heather

This is one of my favorites from the session. They are totally into each other and their body language and eye contact says it all.

Adam is a tall big guy with arms and biceps the size of a truck while Heather is so petite.  In the shots of them together he would sometimes envelop her with his huge chest and arms so she was getting lost around him.  I really wanted to have a look that brought attention to her in a way that made her stand on her own..   I switched to poses that gave her prominence while still playing off Adams strength.

In this series I had Adam face her with his feet out. This helped to lower his height a little bit but also made him feel a lot more comfortable.  He was able to lean back and put his hands on Heather and the rail behind him.  With Heather in front –  standing on her tippy toes-  she has a stronger presence leaning into Adam.  By leaning in she created a lovely S curve which ended by her chin.

Adam has a pose and expression that screams strength and stability while Heather looks perfect with her hand on his chest with eyes and chin leading to Adam.

Black and White was the only way to go with this for the drama and emotion.

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