Wedding Ceremony and the Hands

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Wedding Service and Hands- St Louis Photography.

I love to focus on hands during the service.  Most couples are so nervous and focused on what’s happening in front of them they don’t show any real emotions to each other- except with their hands and fingers.

The hands and the fingers are the only part of the body they are touching.  This is how couples “tell”  each other how they are at that moment. Sometimes they hold each other in a tight grip as they will each other with support.  Or in this image, the couple are clearly at ease and in love.

I love this image-

the way she gently holds his finger,

the graceful curling of her fingers,

the tender embracing of his fingers around hers.

The image speaks volumes about what is going on in their hearts.

A shot like this can only be done in black and white.

To get a shot like this you need to quietly move to center isle so as to not attract too much attention, get low so camera is on the level of the hands,  and zoom in tight.  By zooming all the way out, the shutter speed will be low so it’s important to control your breathing to keep the camera steady.

Canon 5D Mk3     70-200 L IS Mk2

f/2.8  1/30 ISO 3000


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