We are Married

The Recessional is a fantastic moment- You are married!  The tension lifts from the face and the amazing realization becomes real.  I love the moment.


I like to place myself near the back of the church for this shot.  I’ll take the Grooms side because I want to focus on the bride.  That is usually the most expressive shot-  her face and reaction.

As they walk to me I’ll take a few portrait shots full body then move to landscape to get the wider perspective of the families and friends reactions looking at them.  So the couple will get a variety of great shots for the album.

Once they are about 4 steps away from me I’ll put the focus point on her face, keep everything at f 2.8 or bigger to keep his face and everything else blurry.  That way all the attention is on her face and reaction.

Whether she looks at her husband or not is not essential- though I prefer when she does look at him.

Now this is the critical point-  shutter speed.  The couple are usually moving fast so you need to have a fast enough shutter to keep them sharp.  I have purposefully shot at a slower shutter to blur them-  it can have an artistic feel that gives the image some energy. However, I still prefer the sharp image in this case. We are Married 

Canon 5D Mk3

50 mm 1.2 L

f.2 1/500 ISO 2500

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