St Louis Zoo Wedding


The zoo is a great place to take pictures. There are a lot of options.

Some photographers worry about the crowds.  Crowds can be a factor or you  can work them into the picture as part of the composition.  Ever see a crowd gawk or stand aside when a wedding party walks through!  It’s like parting the sea.

There are the animals as well that can be cleverly incorporated into shots.  I once  asked the couple to mirror the animals we were looking at-  totally hilarious series of pictures.

Inside the St Louis Zoo there is a very cool flooring.  Here I had the couple stand while the wedding party walked quickly around them.  It created a lovely and interesting picture for the couple.

Settings-  F 3.2 with focus point on couple.

1/15 ISO 400

and a good pillar to lean on for stability.

I over exposed by a 1/3 to make it pop a little more.

Regardless of the zoo-  there are many fun shots that are possible with the couple.

Shari Photography


Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to hit the zoo-  you are paying them and if it fits the timeline, they should take you and have fun with it.


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