Senior and Equine Photography


Senior and Equine Photography opportunities will push your creativity.  While we do senior portraits on limited basis, we will always take a senior’s portrait with their horses. 

Senior and Equine Photography

Equine photography is a specialty area of our studio.   There is such a wonderful bond between rider and horse.  This is true for rider of all ages.

When it comes to outdoor headshots with horses, attention to detail is key.

Choosing the Right Attire for Senior and Equine Photography

Dress seniors in comfortable, neutral-toned clothing that complements the natural surroundings without distracting from the main focus. Opt for long pants and closed-toe shoes for safety around horses.

 Dressing appropriately sets the tone for a successful photoshoot.

Interacting Safely with Horses

Approach horses calmly and confidently, avoiding sudden movements that may startle them. Respect their space and observe their body language for signs of discomfort. Always follow the instructions of the horse’s handler.

 Safety is paramount when working around horses.

Selecting the Perfect Lens

Opt for a versatile lens, such as a 24-70mm zoom lens, to capture both intimate portraits and wider shots showcasing the horse and its surroundings. Consider using a prime lens with a wide aperture for beautifully blurred backgrounds for Senior and Equine Photography.

Choosing the right lens ensures you capture every moment with clarity and precision.

By focusing on attire, safety around horses, and lens choice, you’ll set the stage for stunning outdoor headshots that beautifully showcase the senior and their equine companion.

We have photographed toddlers with their horses- even at that age there is a clear bond between the two.

Seniors are especially wonderful to photograph with their horses- Senior and Equine Photography.

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