Photography Scam Followup

A few weeks I posted a scam being used to lure wedding photographers.  It is a really easy scam to fall prey to.

I had another scam which I now post below:

My name is Perry Gary and my fiance name is Susan.
We are Having Our wedding in your city,the date of our wedding is on (8/16/2014) they are still working on the venue and as soon as the venue is ready i will let you know.Your services Are needed for our wedding,i want you to give me your fee,we will
be in State on (8/16/2014) by then the contract will have been finished
because am in Spain now for business.Am a citizen of the state and my fiance is from 
.Looking forward to read from you soon.
Gary Perry   
The clues beyond the spelling errors and punctuation issues:
1-  they have no specific settings for the service or reception.  Couple always book this first.  Especially when the wedding is so near to the email time.   This should be the first red flag.
2-  Overseas requests.
The scams are easy to fall for as a wedding photographer because most photographers are always willing to book a last minute wedding.  The scammers know this and can weasel you out of $1000s of dollars.  Look at my previous post on how they can do that.
Easy way to be sure if the request is legit-  Google the email address.
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