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How to Create a picture your bride will love:


I get so tired of hearing about photographers who are so lazy they can’t take time to scout a location for the couple who are paying them their hard earned money.  These are the photographers who use the same location for everything.  Look their galleries and it’s the same poses and locations for their engagements and weddings.  I can’t imagine how bored they must be photographing in the same spot weekend after weekend- doing the same poses.

While I have “go to locations”, I make a point of pushing myself to give my clients a unique one of a kind series of pictures.  If I didn’t I’d be bored silly after the 5th time.  This is part of the challenges of photography-  esp wedding photography-  that I love.  No wedding is ever the same.

The above shot was taken outside of Columbia Illinois.  I happened to notice the lane as I was driving to scout a spot over Highway 255.  I quickly exited, drove through the soccer parking and found the perfect little lane.  I made sure the Party bus had enough room to make the turn and then it was set.  On the day, after I lead the bus to my spot, the couple piled into the “rez” wheels and we drove to the spot for 20 mins of taking pictures.

I also found a railroad crossing where we took even more amazing shots.

My clients now have a series of very unique and beautiful pictures.

Keep your creative juices flowing and push yourself to be different on each and every shoot-  you will not burn out and your clients will appreciate you even more.

On this shot we busted out the softbox and had some fun lighting her from a bunch of different angles.


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