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Actress Headshots Black

Bold Background to make actress headshots standout

ActressActress heashots for actors talent for theatrical commercial and business headshots.  Our St louis Studio works with talent across Missouri.

We offer numerous backdrops for our client to be photographed on.  Whether it’s an outdoor set with a beautifully textured wall or in studio on Grey, or Black, or White,  we balance the look with your look.


Actress Headshot Photography

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Child Actor Headshots Photography

Child Actor Headshots

St Louis Missouri and Illinois photographer for child actor headshots

Derek was a great young person to photograph.  He had a wonderful smile and great personality.

Young  actors are great fun to work with.  They are usually very spontaneous, not to self conscious of their appearance, and just go with the flow.

When working with young actors, rule one is to always have the parent/ guardian present.

Rule 2 is to always have the parent/ guardian present.

Rule 3 is to always…. you get the picture.

Another approach I suggest is to talk to the parents before the shoot and tell them to not get invovled in the posing/ instructions.

Nothing will deflate a kids confidence than a parent who “coaches” from the side with comments liek “you can smile better than that,” or ” try harder in your serious look.”

A gentle reminder that parents should not get involved in the actual posing makes all the difference.

Child Child

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Headshot Photography with an Emphasis on Chin and Head Position

It’s the Chin that makes the Photograph

 Chin headshot photography Missouri

St Louis Headshots

I absolutely love photographing headshot photographs for clients –  be it for corporate clients or models or acting looks.  This applies to my approach for senior photography as well.

The essence of any great portrait is the client needs to feel relaxed, feel amazing, and totally trust their photographer.

If they have the above three then they will project their persona through their eyes-  if it’s not in the eyes then there is no portrait.

How important is the   in a headshot?  It is the shot!  Placing the chin poorly means that your create a doubkle chin, make the eyes smaller because the head is down, and creates a devious look.  And it will add more weight to the persons face.

So what should they do?  Chin forward and down –  like a small turtle.  I say that phrase so many times during a shoot-   forward and down.  Not extreeme forward and down, just a wee bit.

This will lengthen their necks a lot which is more pleasing to look at.

Part of our goal at Shari Photography is to create headshots and portraits that make you feel great!

Use the Chin wisely.

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Kirkwood Audi Dealership Headshot

Audi Audi Audi AudiKirkwood Audi Dealership Headshot.

What a great dealership!  What a great team!


I have been photographing their team’s headshots and I really enjoy going back to take care of their new staff.

Audi is a great brand-  it speaks of a new cool design with great features.  The brand is firmly established as cutting edge.  Tied to the brand is the fanatical customer service approach of the company.

When I was asked to photograph their team, I gave their marketing director a few choices that would well with their brand.  A generic picture would not work for Audi.

We both agreed that the best look would be a clean white background with bright eyes and faces.

To accomplish the look we needed to bring in the studio lights.  Because there were so many employees, we needed to do it at the dealership.  So we had to be in and out quickly.

We used 2 lights, a reflector under the face, a large softbox, and large bouncer to create the clean looks.

For the backdrop we used a potable stand with a white cover.  It was over exposed with a light shot directly at it.


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Shadows and a Headshot Style

Headshot Photography Style

Shadow Style

Shadows and a Headshot Style

Even light on a face for headshots is important. It makers the client look trustworthy and that’s essential.  But to get the most style from a headshot –  try a little shadow.

We want to see the full face and eyes and the impression of someone we can trust.

On occasion we can also add shadows to the side of the face.  The Shadows need to be slight and not too dark and sinister looking.

Mild shadows on the cheek bone give the impression of the subject being regal, above the crowd in stature, royal.

But it’s essential you don’t let them have the look of contempt.  Then the whole look will backfire as the audience will perceive your headshot as some looking cocky and arrogant and aloof.

Regal and approachable yes-  a cocky know it all No.  It’s all about the Shadow Style.

So how to create this look.

  1.  put the reflector under their face, mid chest level.  This will throw light in their eyes and create lovely dynamic catchlights from below.
  2. place large softbox slightly to the right of the subject.  Feather the light so its just catching the nose
  3. place a large reflector, I use insulation boards from Home Depot, on the left of the client.  This will throw light back on that side of the face.
  4. Keep feather the softbox away to the right until you can see light shadows on the left cheek bone.
  5. Essential-  male they smile a wee bit or they will look arrogant.  Regal Yes- Cocky No.



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Headshots – Business or Acting

photography business

Business or acting

The line between a business  and acting look   is getting a little blurred –  which I think is awesome!

The two forms go well together.  The traditional stale business shot is making way for exciting looks that can pass for a theatrical or commercial look.

What it does is allow the client to seem a lot more personable and human.

Still important is the wardrobe.

This link helps give suggestions on what to wear-  it really make a big difference to the shot.

What to Wear

This may be different to what you might wear for an acting headshot.

Regardless on the type of shot, the eyes and mouth are the key elements to a strong headshot.

The eyes tell the audience if you are decent sort of person.  That’s where a really good photographer comes into play.  They need to make your eyes sparkle- either in studio or in editing.

With bloodshot eyes it is unacceptable for the photographer to not clean those up in post editing.


Whether the headshot is for either business or acting, the key to getting the client to show their true self becomes important.  So to do that?

1-  get them to talk about stuff they love-  hobbies. family, job, pets.

That’s when you’ll get a great reaction.

We are proud to be the choice photographers for executive, corporate and acting head shots in the Midwest.

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Cool Attitude


Engagement Photography

Cool Attitude

St Louis Wedding Photography Missouri Illinois St Charles Hermann Columbia Kansas City Engagement Portrait

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Senior Pictures

St Louios Senior PhotographySenior Pictures Photography St Louis Missouri Modeling Portfolio Headshot Photographer

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Giveaway #2- Senior Portrait Session

a Rafflecopter giveaway

St Louis Senior Photography Portrait Photographer Missouri Illinois

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Engagement Photography

engagement Photography

St Louis Photography Missouri Illinois Wedding Engagement Seniors Portraits Headshots.

Trees can look great in photographs, but only if they are big ol’ trees.

Skinny trees are not a good shot-  they can create the impression of being weak or sick.  But a large tree implies strength, stability and being fruit-full:)

When posing engagement pictures with a big tree, getting the sides of the trees is not as critical as getting the top.  It is essential the top is visible-  otherwise the image will look awkward.It’s similar to photographing a person and cropping at a joint.  It just looks odd.

Canon 5D Mk 3

16-70 L 2.8

f 9 1/500 ISO 200 exp +1/3

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