That’s Who I am Self Portraits




That’s me:

A self portrait in the studio.

I am loving the background-  which I made myself.

How to create awesome backgrounds on the cheap.

  • buy insulation boards from Lowes or Home Depot-  $15
  • Buy paint –  no petroleum based paint- $5.
  • Paint.  $0

That’s seriously it-  I put legs on my boards so I can move them around the studio easily.  And with legs they can stand on their own.

I painted them in a variety of colors.  I layer the paint with different colors so it gets a more textured look.  I really like the dark one I created with a little brightness coming through.

The Boards work great with portraits and headshots-  not so much with full body shots.

Lighting is pretty simple-  Large soft box in front metered at f11.  A light directly behind me pointing at the board metered at f 4. And the most essential item-  a silver concave reflector at chest level.


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