Processional Wedding Pictures

Photographing the Processional

Processional Picture Processional Wedding Pictures have an immediate impact.

The couple are seconds into their union-  husband and wife.

It is seconds into a process that for some has started years before. The Processional.

The release of emotions at the moment of the processional is spectacular.

This is a must have shot that all wedding photographers must get-  it’s on par with the kiss.

Capturing it is pretty easy to with the right gear.

A zoom is preferable because of the low depth of field and the ability to flatten the background.  This will help keep the focus on the subject.

A word of Caution.  You will be walking backwards.  So please be extra careful you dont trip or bang into something.  I have seen so many Youtube videos of photohs walking backwards and falling into something.

I love the various reactions you will get from the couple. They are either making contact with certain people in the church-  a wave or handshake, or they are stealing occasional glances at each other.

Regardless of what they are doing –  they are always beaming with joy.  These reactions are priceless.

These are tremendous pictures your clients will love.

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